Abuse and Neglect

The kinds of abuse and Neglect that might call for Home Care for the Elderyly

As people age, they lose the ability to perform a myriad of duties that they were able to do in their younger days and in most cases will solely rely on family members to help them out. The situation can get truly desperate for an aged person who has to deal not only with the problems of age but one who also has one or several chronic diseases to contend with.  In many situations, the people in need of care are at the mercy of family members who, either out of spite or ignorance, tend to abuse the elderly. In other situations, the people expected to provide care are fully engaged in their own activities (going to work, raising kids, etc) and they really have no time for the elderly. While the public know that abuse of the elderly is common, what might not be known is that most cases are actually never reported. If all cases became public knowledge, we’d all be shocked by the suffering that elderly people go through. Examples of elder-abuse Domestic – Unbeknown to many, the most common cases of elder-abuse happen in the confines of homes. The biggest perpetrators of this kind of abuse are usually spouses or the children of the person in need of care. Domestic abuse could take the form of verbal abuse, confinement, failure to respond to reasonable requests, and abuse of the elders’ resources among others. In most situations, the plight of the elder is unknown to other family members who are capable of taking action. Should you therefore have a family member who might be in need of care, it is important to confirm that he or she is getting the kind of care that enables him or her to live a dignified life. In most cases, that kind of care can only be provided by pro home care providers. Institutional – Some people decide to provide care for their loved ones by taking them to nursing homes and similar institutions. While most of these institutions do a great job, there are many that actually end up abusing the people they are supposed to care for. Since you are not in constant touch with your loved one, they might endure too much before the truth about their plight is known.

Cases of elder abuse abound and you could correct this by entrusting the care of your loved one to a professional and compassionate home care agency.

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