The Non-Medial Services offered by Home Care Providers

The services provided by home care providers can be divided into two broad categories – medical and non-medical. Most home care providers can provide both kinds of services but there are those that choose to specialize in one area. In most situations, these classifications tend to blur because even if a person starts off needing purely medical care, it is possible that he or she will eventually need non-medical care with time.

Main forms of non-medical care
Non-medical care services are usually required by elderly people who might not necessarily have a debilitating medical condition but, because of aging, the person is not able to perform the duties he or she was capable of performing in the past. Below are a few examples.

Daily living activities
Daily living activities refer to six activities that a person should be able to perform without help. When a loved one is no longer capable of carrying out one or several of these activities on their own, it might be time to consider contracting a home care service.

A person will be in need of home care services when he or she is no longer able to perform the following tasks without help: bathe, dress, transfer, use the toilet, eat and walk. When contracting a home care service, you need to assess the needs of your loved one to help define the scope of the work that will be performed by the agency.

Instrumental daily living activities
While your loved one might be able to perform the daily living activities, he or she might be unable to perform some tasks that are necessary in a home. A person who is unable to perform these tasks will be incapable of living independently. A person’s independence is measured by his or her ability to perform the following tasks: perform light housework, prepare meals, take medications, go shopping, use the phone and manage money.

As people age, they might be unable to perform one or all of these tasks. If somebody is under medication, he or she might forget to take medicines at the right time or might take the wrong dose. When somebody is no longer able to manage their finances, they run the risk of being exploited by unscrupulous people who, sadly, are family members most of the time.

While you could contract a home care service provider to assist with one or all of these tasks, some people also find it necessary to contract agencies to simply provide companionship for loved ones who cannot be left alone.